Aug 26, 2013

New Feature: Health tracking

Today we finished up and released a new feature on the website: health tracking. Click the Health tab under the main menu to track weight, percent fat, BMI and lean body mass.

To log a new measurement click the Add measurement button:

You can quickly see +/- changes in time, or zoom to show a chart of the last week, month or year:

If you want to track BMI, be sure to enter your height on the user profile page:

And of course... if you are using the ST3 PC app, your entire history of weight and body fat measurements will be synched when you update to the latest version.

That's all there is to it.



Is there a way to import a CSV of historical weight data? (The data headers can be edited to match whatever ST is looking for)

Yeah! You can email support with the CSV and they can do an import of your history. Cheers.