Jun 28, 2013

Dashboard sidebar

View current performance trends and sport volume mix at a glance

The last few months we've listened closely to user feedback on how to make the sporttracks.mobi dashboard more useful, especially for multi-sport athletes. I'm happy to announce today we've updated the website with a few really nice features in the dashboard sidebar. Take a look at the new summary panels for This Week and This Month:

The first thing you will notice is the new breakout by sport type. On a desktop browser you will see the total number of workouts, time, distance and pace/speed for each sport, along with a mini pie chart of that sport's contribution in time or distance. As with the rest of the website, on a tablet or mobile we simplify the data to just the essentials. Below the sport breakout section is the trend chart which has also been enhanced. Above each bar you will see the total for the week or month. You can pick the data you want to see by clicking the totals blocks at the top of the section:

If you are on a widescreen monitor, the website will now use that space to show additional history:

Finally, we've added a useful navigation feature to the charts. Click any week or month to jump to a detailed view of that date in the calendar view.

All of these ideas were inspired by feedback from customers. We hope you find these improvements useful in meeting your fitness training goals and... keep those ideas coming!